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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

150 years ago - insanity reigned

I am a life-long Southerner who grew up on a major Civil War War Between the States battlefield (Lookout Mountain) and while I didn't have any family who fought on either side of the war, growing up in the middle of the history of the War was informative. However, as we have moved toward today - the 150th anniversary of the firing on Fort Sumter - I have definitely had weird feelings. What were the day-to-day conversations about during that time - here in NC, in my childhood hometown? How strange it would be to travel back into time, given today's sensibilities and culture, and witness them.

They are firing on Fort Sumter as we speak - in commemoration of the event - but it is also a reminder that insanity once reigned in this country.

To the 620k that perished - RIP

RIP to these 620.
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