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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Something to think about

As we come to yet another New Year and the cliche calls for world peace, I found this passage on page 139 of my copy of the "Black Book of Bosnia," to offer something to think about:
No sooner had Europe perpetrated the most spectacular genocide in history than its eastern half could pose as a group of tolerant nations suffering tyranny and its western half could pose as a group of tolerant nations opposing tyranny. Of course, the eastern half did suffer and the western half did oppose. But the tyranny turns out to have frustrated not only the hunger for freedom. It turns out to have frustrated also the hunger for sameness. Over here [in the US] we thought that the Soviet empire was evil because it forbade the mind and shackled the spirit. Over there [in Europe] they thought that the Soviet empire was evil because it forced people to live with people not like themselves. And these outbursts of collective subjectivity should not be dignified as "nationalism." They represent the hoariest, the shabbiest, tribalism.

I suppose a possible problem is that it really isn't much different in other parts of the world which we [the US in particular] hope to reform. If so, then will our efforts prove fruitless?

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