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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

UC Berkeley's sports dilemma

The impacts of the recession are being felt in all sorts of areas, some of which were once held to be beyond the reach of a recession. One area is in sports - both amateur and professional. This op-ed piece about sports at the University of California is interesting because it suggests that times are very tough indeed if Cal is debating whether to drop some sports. However, the op-ed does mention the potential legal jackpot that any university might find itself in when it tries to save money by cutting sports on campus:

Still, the harder choices remain. Berkeley supports more sports teams than any other Pac-10 school except Stanford. To bring the losses down to a manageable number - such as $5 million per year - it may mean dramatic steps such as dropping teams, a decision complicated by federal laws giving both sexes equal rights to play sports.

UC Berkeley's sports dilemma

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