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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Novelty effect in New York?

Following up on yesterday's post concerning AL attendance, today SBD released the attendance figures of the National League. As I suspected, attendance to the New York Mets is down 13% from last year (the first year of Citi Field). Their attendance is still greater than that of the Braves, even though the Braves are leading their division and the Mets are in last place in the NL East. Thus, the novelty effect for the Mets might still be apparent in the annual attendance data but the big boost from last year is definitely down.

Two other teams with relatively new stadiums - Nationals and Pirates - are at the bottom of the attendance rankings. Again, these teams might still have attendance this year that is higher than it otherwise would be because of their new (or relatively new) stadiums.

Interestingly, the Marlins are in last place in terms of attendance and yet they are the next team to get a new stadium. Their novelty boost will likely be high in the first year, but I wonder how long it will take for Marlins attendance to fall to the bottom of the rankings again?

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