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Saturday, August 07, 2010

An Appeal for John Gault?

Jobless claims raise doubts about economy - Yahoo! Finance

The story is not that interesting - more claims that recent bad-news economic data is "unexpected" and "surprising." What I did find interesting was this comment to the story:
Here I sit in Arkansas reading all these posts from people who feel just like me. I keep praying for a miracle but don't see one. Oh, Just one. BP sealed the gulf well. If there is anyone smart out there who can do something about this economy I sure hope you step forward. If not then I pray something happens in government to change from this mess we are in. I blame the congress, crappy news media and liberals real bad for this mess. News media have ruined themselves. They may be riding high now but after November I will sit back and see egg all over their faces. I want new news anchors and new people in charge after November. When you look at it in hindsite the media made our president. They are helping to push racism. I just wish all of the above would just go home and leave it to smarter folks. America will have it's miracle and it will start on election day in November. We will finish the job in 2012. I pray we last long enough

This seems like an appeal for our modern-day John Gault - but if he/she exists they would do well to stay in the shadows. Just as in the book, the individuals with ability but who lack political pull are being targeted for increased burdens and blame. It is weird to read this appeal by an individual in Arkansas which sounds a lot like the anonymous individuals described in Atlas Shrugged.

I'm hearing more and more of that all the time. Nice blog BTW. The NYT reference was great. I put it on my blog for followup.

I found this page by searching for "bonding and monitoring costs" and hitting your working paper. I'm working on a moral hazard piece right now and trying to find WHERE I originally read all of my stuff about bonding and monitoring. Was it JM(76) or something Cliff Smith did? Who knows? Thanks for putting your WP out there, it's interesting.

Good luck at UNCC. I paid my dues in the Econ dept there many moons ago, with Connaughton and Amato and Madsen.
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