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Monday, April 26, 2010

Which is more valuable?

Selling pizza within a basketball arena or putting your pizza company's name on the arena but without the rights to sell pizza? In an odd naming rights/pouring rights arrangement, Pizza Hut's parent company put its name on the new Louisville basketball arena but Poppa Johns has the rights to sell pizza in the stadium during Louisville's men's and women's basketball game. According to the story, Yum! can still sell Taco Bell and KFC products as well as wings and pasta from Pizza Hut and actual pizza during some non-basketball events..

From this week's Sports Business Journal:
n a deal unique to Louisville, home of two national pizza chains, Papa John's has the exclusive rights to sell pizza during 40 University of Louisville men's and women's games scheduled at KFC Yum! Center, an arena named for the company that owns Pizza Hut.

Gated story here


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