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Monday, February 22, 2010

De Gustibus Non Est Disputandum

A great saying which basically means "There is no accounting for taste" and the title of a great paper by George Stigler and Gary Becker in the 1977 American Economic Review.

It is a great life motto as well. Consider the following from today's Sporting News Today:
Buy me some peanuts and ... Twinkie cheese dogs?

Peanuts are among the standard fare at Fifth Third Ballpark in suburban Grand Rapids. But the cheesecoated wiener stuck into the spongy cake with creamy filling will be available only if West Michigan Whitecaps fans vote it onto the menu.

The Detroit Tigers affiliate in the Class A Midwest League on Feb. 9 began soliciting online votes for 10 concession-stand concoctions, with the winner to be announced next month. The season opens April 11.

Other candidates for the menu include: the Cudighi Yooper Sandwich, a spicy sausage popular in the Upper Peninsula; Chocolate Covered Bacon; and The Pink Panther, a hot dog bun filled with pink cotton candy and covered with frosting. Root beer syrup drizzled over the top is optional.

Full story and vote here

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