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Friday, January 29, 2010

Hello from Hong Kong

I am teaching in Hong Kong for the next two weekends and arrived here Thursday (last) night. Today I walked around the Times Square area for about five miles, all said and done. It is a loud city with a lot of activity going on. The shops are generally very small, probably around 500 square feet on average, which precludes economies of scale but makes for a very interesting walkabout.

I found the fishmongers, the butchers, the jewelers, the dress shops, the auto dealers, and the home improvement shops. The latter were fascinating in the sense that each shop sold only one type of item, whether door knobs, kitchen cabinets, toilets, hinges, etc. There was a bit of competition, perhaps two or three shops for each item overall.

Spatial agglomeration - you gotta love it.

More updates as I get the time.


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