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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Three pictures that say a lot...

There is a saying that a picture says a thousand words. In this case we have three pictures which sum up why we shouldn't have thrown $8 billion and more to Chrysler. My brother had some folks visiting who rented a Chrysler and drove to his house. The guests are from Canada and had to point out that their Chrysler rental car was already falling apart. Incredulous, my brother took the following pictures.

First comes the VIN tag on the car which points out that the born-on-date of the vehicle was September 2008, just about the time we were getting ready to bail Chrysler and GM out of their self-created morass:

The second picture is of the driver side door's armrest. Evidently Chrysler had painted the plastic which generally doesn't work and the paint had already cracked and was flaking off:

The third picture is of the front passenger door's armrest. Chrysler didn't go cheap on just the driver's door - indeed both sides were suffering from the same poor quality construction:

What's the lesson? Most likely Chrysler and GM were shirking on their quality control during the period when this car was built because it was not immediately clear that the federal government would bail them out and, therefore, I am sure that both firms were cutting corners. That suggests that one should not purchase a new or used car from this period (say one or two months before 9/09 and one or two months after 9/09?). It also brings up the question of whether either Chrysler or GM is making a higher quality product POST bail-out than they did before the bail out? GM assures that they are making a better product by offering the 60 day return policy, but that makes me wonder.

These Chrysler pics are very similar to another pic captured by my brother earlier this calendar year (2009) which showed rusting wheels on a new (sticker still in window) Pontiac Vibe.

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I myself has not witnessed there quality standards, however, i have checked out the reports on 60 days return policy. Results of this offer turned really good for GM and people are actually liking there quality standards. So, i guess they are working on improving there quality.
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