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Thursday, December 10, 2009

An example of Simpson's Paradox

I was seeking to avoid writing so I "ambled" over to the Amazon.com page for my book Microeconomics Demystified. There was a new review (I am up to three!!) which was very positive about the book's approach to explaining canonical microeconomic concepts.

However, when I glanced at the sales ranking, here is what I saw:

I'll let you stare at the numbers for a second.

Okay - so, my book comes in at 143,151 in the overall sales rankings - I wonder which book is 143,150? Probably something I don't want to think about.

However, the next two lines are much more interesting. It turns out that I have a better sales rank among MACROECONOMICS titles than I do among MICROECONOMICS titles. What gives? My book has nothing to do with macroeconomics - trust me, I wrote it. Amazon must have the book cross-listed with other macroeconomics books? The reason for the disparity might be that there are fewer "macroeconomics" books than "microeconomics" books (although this is hard for me to believe).

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