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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Comparative advantage?

Economists like to think that division of labor is predicated upon comparative advantage. When it comes to the political arena, however, things are often turned on their head - those with comparative disadvantage but political advantage seem to have a greater say.

Consider this story from today's Sporting News Today:
The House Judiciary Committee says retired boxing champion Thomas Hearns, former NFL players Ted Johnson,
Kyle Turley and Bernie Parrish, and the Rev. Al Sharpton are among witnesses who will appear at next week's hearing on head injuries in football.

The committee will hold a session called "Legal Issues Relating to Football Head
Injuries, Part II" on Monday in Detroit. At a hearing Oct. 28 in Washington, lawmakers
questioned NFL commissioner Roger Goodell about the league's approach to concussions.

I wonder what the Rev. Sharpton has to contribute to this discussion? Does he know something about the medical science and concussions? Does he know something about the law and concussions? Or is he likely to grandstand for compensatory damages against the NFL for not protecting or providing for NFL players who have been damaged by the game?

I am very interested in checking out the transcript of Sharpton's contribution.

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