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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wait - what?

Came across this paper's abstract while searching for something completely different. What the heck is "stator leakage reactance saturation"?

"Saturation model for squirrel-cage induction motors"

Here's the abstract, I didn't get past the first sentence:
An induction motor model which includes stator leakage reactance saturation, rotor leakage reactance saturation and magnetizing reactance saturation is presented. This improved model is based on experimental data from 96 motors. The power range of the motors is between 11 and 90 kW. The effects on the torque–speed and current–speed curves of each kind of saturation have been studied. In addition, the parameters of magnetizing reactance saturation and stator leakage reactance saturation have been studied for each motor, and an average value and its dispersion for each parameter are given. This model is considerably more accurate than other models. In particular, it explains the significant differences between theoretical and experimental torque–speed curves in the braking regime (s > 1).

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