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Friday, November 06, 2009

President breaks FERPA laws?

One might make a case that he did:
Then, to a chorus of oooohs from the crowd, he said that Malia, a sixth-grader at Sidwell Friends School in Washington, had come home with a 73 on her science test not long ago. He recounted how, a few years ago, she had come home with a grade in the 80s, believing that she had "done pretty well." He and his wife corrected her, telling her that their goal was "90 percent and up."

Here's a run-down on the laws. Basically we as educators cannot talk about the grades of students. Perhaps parents can talk about their student-child's grades but it would definitely seem to be in violation of the spirit of the law to rehash your child's ACTUAL grades (twice!!) in some form of "teachable moment."

Maybe Sidwell doesn't receive any federal government money, beyond the tuition that is paid by federal employees?

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