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Friday, November 06, 2009

New boss worse than the old boss?

One wonders if the famous Who line should be amended because over time the Congress (I don't even say "our Congress" anymore) has become more and more authoritarian. Tomorrow's vote on the Health Care "bill" in the House is yet one more manifestation:
Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office tells THE WEEKLY STANDARD that the speaker will not allow the final language of the health care to be posted online for 72 hours before bringing the bill to a vote on the House floor, despite her September 24 statement that she was "absolutely" committed to doing so.

Why not wait? I have read through about 200 pages of the original bill and there are things that are obviously difficult for non-statists to by into but having emailed my congressman what at else is there to do? That's the ultimate feeling of helplessness - that the good folks of San Francisco and Maryland and elsewhere have imposed one huge negative externality after externality on me.

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