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Sunday, November 01, 2009

An interesting snarky comment

A comment posted on a story over at Politico:

Is anyone really surprised???? Hope and Change... Nah! Get used to Rope and Chains

James left a great comment and hence the change in the post's title. I posted not because I agree with the comment only that there are still some creative folks in the anti-Obama crowd.

I agree that ropes and chains have been increasingly put in place at least since the 1930s and about every thirty years seems to get another boost (as I have mentioned on this blog elsewhere). The frequency at which the statists take advantage of their being in power seems to be increasing but it has been going on nonetheless.

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Since this is a particularly snarky post, I feel ok snarking back. I think we're already used to "Rope and Chains," but you may know it euphemistically as "The Patriot Act." We surrenderred far more freedom (unnecessarily) under "Duh"-byuh than we ever will under Obama.
Yes, thank God Obama and the Dems have repealed the Pariot Act. Oh wait, they didn't. And a Democratic congress re-authorized it under "Dubya." Hmmm.

And how is that shutting down Guantanamo thing going?

Extraordinary rendition? Still using it.

Drone strikes in Pakistan? Still doing it.

Getting the feeling that maybe, just maybe, Obama was just telling you what you wanted to hear in order to get elected?? But keep your blind faith in "The One", surely the "Change" of hope and Change is bound to start happening in another month, or two, or three...
It is clear that both Obama and Bush generate considerable angst on both sides of the aisle. What I find interesting is that both groups continue to complain about what the other does even while their "team" does exactly the same thing.

This is likely not new in US politics - after all New Deal haters often implicitly support Hoover even as Hoover supported many of the same policies/methods that FDR used during the 1930s.

I think the primary lesson of the past twenty years is that presidential politics (and likely all politics) is populated by those who seek to be re-elected and who put together coalitions of potential and actual voters that ensure their re-election. Philosophical entreaties to these individuals is likely not to garner any response. Emotional outbursts directed toward the politician or their supporters are even less likely to garner a (positive) response.

It is very interesting to see how the comment sections of on-line stories have changed over the past three years.
First, let me say that I would tend to agree with both "student" and CD on this one. Obama hasn't followed through.
I guess my main complaint is about the overblown histrionics of the Right over the Health Care Bill, etc. For example, it's neither "unconstitutional" nor "socialist." (Remember that other forms of economic organization have [forced] equal income redistribution as a philosophical goal, namely facism.) I guess the "tyranny" charges are in the eye of the beholder, but I would point out that the officials are technically democratically elected. So, to those people I would suggest visiting some of the various sites in Germany where you can see memorials to victims of the Nazis or the East German Stasi.
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