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Friday, September 04, 2009

Why I am glad I didn't go to Georgia Tech

As we gear up for the 2009 college football campaign, all UGA fans seek ways to lessen the sting of the loss to Tech last year. They beat us once a decade and then spend the next nine years reminding every Georgia fan how great it was the last time they beat the Dawgs. Generally speaking, Tech fans are fairly obnoxious in such encounters - but that might just be my goading them on.

Nevertheless, as I say, after a regular season-ending loss to Tech, us UGA fans have to find something to fire back with. I sleep well at night knowing that, having attended UGA for two tours of duty, I chose correct between the two premier institutions in the great state of Georgia. However, that is a gut feeling of faith not of reason.

Then, something like this comes along and sets it all back into proper perspective.

What's up with the guys wearing GT hats on top of their helmets?

A picture says a thousand words - thanks Techies!

Evidently the pic is photo-shopped - thus it is only a fleeting feeling of superiority that I experienced. Oh well - hopefully we will right the wrong in November. Still, the pic is funny.

HT: Georgia Sports Blog

(full disclosure: I have close family members and friends who attended "The Institute" so it's a good-natured rivalry for me)

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