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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Me trying to be cool (warning, laugh alert)

Back in August I ran the next-to-the-last individual time trial at Lowe's Motor Speedway. The challenge is 10 miles long and I managed to barely miss my thirty minute mark (30:29:60). For once I didn't come in last place in my age group (Men 40+) Full results here.

There is a photographer taking pictures of the folks on two wheels and friend John T. was able to secure smallish jpeg versions of three pics taken of me trying to look cool. Here's an example:

This is me "getting on it" at the beginning of my time trial. My theory was to get up to speed as quickly as I could but I, perhaps, sprinted my way out of the thirty minute mark. It is hard to tell.

I know I;m not much to look at on a bike, but it is cool to ride on the same speedway as the big boys will be racing on next month. Now, I can just suck it up a little bit I can break 30 minutes.

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