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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

$1.2 billion later

The new Cowboys stadium in Arlington is, by all reports, an amazing building. It did, after all, cost $1.2 billion to construct.

That said, there have been a few noticeable problems with the new stadium. The scoreboards hanging over the field are "too low," as evidenced by punters being able to kick the ball into the scoreboard. The house rules now state that a kick into the scoreboard is a dead ball and the play will be rerun. I wonder if a) the officials will reset the clock to what it was before the doomed play, b) there is a rule that will penalize the kicking team for multiple kicks into the scoreboard and c) whether a kicker would be able to react to a bad situation on the field, say a busted coverage, quick enough to kick the ball into the scoreboard and take the mulligan.

At Saturday's OU-BYU game evidently the Windows system running the scoreboard crashed. Evidence here. If this is not a photoshopped picture, it does raise the question of how much more it would have cost to get everything working correctly - $1.5 or $1.7 billion?

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a) Yes, the officials are to reset the time to when the snap occurred; penalties (except for personal fouls) are disregarded.
b) I don't think there is a rule like this, but I don't think it benefits the punting team to continually run their players down field to cover a punt.
c) That would be impressive if they could, but I don't think a coach want to put that on the punter.
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