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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Oh well - I'll have to wait for the Nobel

The John Bates Clark award by the American Economic Association goes to the most influential/best economist under the age of 40.

I long searched this spring for a means by which individual economists under 40 could be nominated for the award. Alas, I found no means by which to do so.

Ultimately, it probably wouldn't have mattered, but I was not awarded this year's prize.

Emmanuel Saez, 36, a public economics expert teaching at the University of California at Berkeley, was awarded the 2009 John Bates Clark Medal last week. Nobody has done more to describe the broad changes in income distribution in the United States that have taken place during the last ninety years."

More here

I won't win a Nobel either, but then I predicted that Krugman would never win one - so maybe I'm wrong. If so, I'd prefer my award before I am 80 so that I can enjoy the prize money. I am even willing to share the award with up to nine other economists, if that matters.

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