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Thursday, April 23, 2009

New working paper

A new paper written with UNC Charlotte Sports Management/Marketing MBA student Larisa Mackey has been posted. Here's the abstract and a link:

Driver Success in the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series: The Impact of Multi-Car Teams

with Larisa Mackey

This paper explores the impact of multi-car teams on driver wins, total points, and total earnings in the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series for the years of 2005 through 2008. In the earlier years of NASCAR’s history, multi-car teams were rare as the common wisdom was that a multi-car team would have poor chemistry which would negatively impact driver performance. Recently, however, multi-car teams have become more popular. This paper investigates whether multi-car teams experience more success in terms of driver performance and earnings. Using season-level data, we show that multi-car teams generally enjoy a competitive advantage on the track over single-car teams.
Paper available here, comments are always appreciated

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