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Friday, March 13, 2009

Think you got some bracketology?

Men's DIA bracket-filling is a long standing tradition. Heck, I've even won a couple of pools in my days. However, last year I accidently downloaded the Women's DIII bracket and was amazed by how many school's I did not recognize.

If you think you have real bracketology skills, you might take a crack at this year's bracket available here. They are already playing, so you can see how the first couple of rounds went.

How else can you choose some of these teams?

If anyone mails me their picks, I will keep a running tally on my end. I don't know what the winner would get other than an `attaboy'

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Missed the post until Monday and they are down to the Final 4 (although the sweet 16 went as I would have expected). So my Final 4 predictions: Gearge Fox over College of NJ, Amherst over Wash U, and Amherst over George Fox as your champion.

College of New Jersey over George Fox
Wash U over Amherst

Amherst is the champion

You gotta look up George Fox
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