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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Welcome to bizarro world

Let's see how this is shaping up.

If you have a five-figure tax scandal, no problem - you can be Treasury Secretary.

If you have a six-figure tax scandal, no problem - you can be House and Human Services Secretary.

If you have a three-figure tax scandal, hold up - you cannot be White House Performance Czar.


We have definitely run down the rabbit hole.

[Update: I am glad that two of the three tax cheats, that we know of, had to withdraw their nominations to the Cabinet or Cabinet-type positions. However, I wonder if this will finally stir lawmakers and, more importantly, the citizenry into some common-sense tax reform. Furthermore, I wonder how much Mr. Dashcel will still be involved with the takeover of healthcare even if he has no formal position in the White House.]


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