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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Some perspective

I am definitively against setting wages and prices, however as I am entering data for a paper I am updating it struck me the amount of money some athletes actually, and I mean actually, get paid.

For instance, I was entering monthly sales taxes for Huntsville, Texas in 2008:

city year month taxrev
Huntsville 2008 1 368478
Huntsville 2008 2 691548
Huntsville 2008 3 458616
Huntsville 2008 4 446491
Huntsville 2008 5 623787
Huntsville 2008 6 437757
Huntsville 2008 7 440208
Huntsville 2008 8 589348
Huntsville 2008 9 480748
Huntsville 2008 10 433253
Huntsville 2008 11 632357
Huntsville 2008 12 521112

The grand total? 6,123,707. That's about what a reasonable starting pitcher in major league baseball gets paid on an annual basis. Each month is about four times the annual salary of a full professor of economics!!

Will the baseball player continue to play even after the administration dramatically increases taxes? Probably. However, that doesn't make the taxation moral.

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