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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Now I know I am out of touch...

Of at least certain things. This is a function of getting older but of also not understanding the lingo. For instance, in today's Sporting News Today is the following from a profile of Marshawn Lynch:
What I drive: '71 Green four-door Cadillac Seville, on 28s with 24" 10s in trunk; '72 Green Chevelle on deuces; 1996 Green Impala on sixes; Green Cayenne Porsche.
Okay, I know what a Seville, a Chevelle, and an Impala are. I think "28s" implies 28 inch wheels. After that I am lost, what does `24" 10s in the trunk' mean and should I be impressed? What does it mean for my car to be riding "on deuces" or "on sixes"?

I want to be cool, but I need help in getting there.

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Man, you are old.

"24" 10s in trunk" refers to the size of the woofers (er, stereo speakers)

"deuces" refers to 20-inch chrome rims. (See urbandictionary.com under deuces.)

"sixes" well I'm still not clear even after reading the urbandictionary.com entry. "When rappers refer to a "six" they are speaking about a six figure item (typically a car). Why the hell would Jay-Z rap about a buick, pacer or pinto (all of which are available in 6 cylinders)????"
I should have added lazy. I forgot about the urban lingo dictionaries on the net.
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