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Monday, February 23, 2009

Does Google know something we don't?

In the February 23, 2009 New York Time is this story:
Mineral Bluff, GA - It is reported that three white men have been lynched near here as the result of an attack made upon the stepdaughter of Robert Robertson of Culberson, N.C.
I'm from Georgia but have never heard of Mineral Bluff, but I figure it is near the NC border. I go to Google Maps to check out the relationship between the two towns and I find the following:

Now, I am unaware of any incursion from Georgia to North Carolina, but Culberson clearly lies on the north side of the border. I wonder if the good folks in Culberson are aware of their situation.


The article you cite refers to Culberson, NC, not Culberson, GA. Google has it right, I think.
The article refers to Culberson NC, I typed in Culberson, North Carolina into the search box, the google pointer indicates that Culberson is in North Carolina. So far, so good. However, the Google balloon says Culberson, GA.
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