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Saturday, February 07, 2009

A decent recap of the past couple of weeks

From a comment over at NPR.com:
Wow, what a week. Senate passes a ill conceived pork laden bill in record time...Mayor Daley refuses to share details of how he will spend his share with the taxpayers....a Senator announces that although Air America failed twice she is for legislating what is on the airwaves....3 Obama nominees drop out because of fraudulent tax practices....the number of former Clintonistas on the Bama Wagon is over 2 dozen ...Rahm Emanuel holds five one hour communication coordination calls with major networks so they get the party line right...the new White House Spokesperson insults the press...Biden muffs one more oath of office.....Nancy Pelosi recommends the masses not procreate inorder to save fossil fuels....and the markets go up 300 points based on 650,000 layoffs.
And the Republicans haven't even started fighting back yet.

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