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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Who will get the credit?

President Bush is consistently criticised for the Iraq war - so be it. However, if the final troop withdrawl happens by the end of December 2011, will Pres. Obama take full credit for the removal? If so, will anyone remember that the agreed-upon time table for withdrawl (which is generally not a good idea in the midst of a ground war) was determined while President Bush was still in office?

I will find it interesting how history, immediate and mid-term (I likely won't be around for the long term), will treat the Bush presidency. Perhaps he will continue to be criticized, but I wonder if a few years hence we as a society will ever see anything good to have happened during eight years. I know my personal experience has been very good during the Bush years, but that has had very little to do with him being President.

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