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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Losing ground?

An interesting poll from Pew Research on "Losing Ground" suggests that there are only a few things about which the general population does not feel we are "losing ground."

Interestingly, minority discrimination, environmental pollution, crime, and the three wars (Iraq, Afghanistan, and global terrorism) are the five that only a minority tag as issues on which we are "losing ground." Are these five primary issues that swept Obama and other Democrats into office in November?

Issues such as the budget deficit, cost of living, social security, medicare, and illegal immigration are not immediately addressed by the incoming administration's proposed policies and at least one (social security) was at least broached in the previous administration but was immediately shut down by the media and the Democrats (as well as some Republicans).

I wonder how the median voter of the November election lines up with the general population's concerns? If the median voter is considerably concerned with what might be termed "fringe" issues, are they being set up for disappointment as the incoming administration deals with the issues about which the general population are concerned or does the in-coming administration "owe" a dance with the "ones that brung 'em"?

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