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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Is this a good homework question?

I came across this homework question for an Urban Studies class (link not provided):
Senator John Kerry lost the recent presidential election to President George Bush, continuing an era of utter stupidity and dangerous "Cowboyism" in the highest and most powerful elected office of the United States. Shamed by his inability to win and saddened at the prospect of another four years under this moronic president, Kerry has retreated to Boston. More specifically, he has decided to drink and eat his worries away at the Legal Seafood restaurant located in Kendall Square. Kerry’s utility is defined by the following utility function:
I wonder if the adjectives were really necessary to set up a utility maximization problem? I try not to reveal my political persuasions in class, at least not on my sleeve. I am sure that my students can deduce that I have a libertarian bent, but I wouldn't personally write a question with such political vitriol.


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