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Thursday, January 15, 2009

How much do you know about the President Elect?

I knew the answers to 75% of the questions in this quiz at the Dallas Morning News. I find that interesting because a) I am not a Democrat, b) I am no an African-American, and c) I have never read any of Obama's books. On the other hand, I suppose I am somewhere in the right tail of overall awareness of what's going on around the world (probably because of my occupation as much as anything else).

It is an interesting question whether knowledge of Obama's background is more important than knowing about his proposed policy changes. It seems that his supporters tend to use a weighted average of the two sources of information. Some put 100% weight on his personal characteristics and 0% on his policy proposals, others put 100% on policy and 0% on personal characteristics. However, the weighted average used by each individual is idiosyncratic and therefore difficult to model or predict. As such, it is difficult to predict whether Obama supporters would be expected to score better than me on this "quiz" and if they didn't what that would imply about the source of their support.


I got 9 of 20.
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