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Saturday, December 06, 2008

A worthless misleading picture

This graph purports to graph the number of factory workers versus the number of real estate agents. Unfortunately, the picture doesn't seem to say anything.

[update: As mentioned in the comments, the word "worthless" was probably a bit strong. I wonder why the graph's creator thought that the "X-marks the spot" crossing of the two graphs meant anything as you could adjust the right and left axis so that the two graphs "crossed" at any point in time.


Does'nt the graph say that the number of a real estate agents is getting larger and the number of factory workers is getting smaller? Or am I trying to hard to find something that just is'nt there?
John is right, of course, but why would the graph's creator put the two lines intersecting at some point in time? It is possible to adjust the scale on the right and left axis so that the two lines intersect at any time desired. Why draw an "X marks the spot" on the graph as if there was some point when the two values were equal to each other?
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