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Thursday, October 09, 2008

The results of political correctness?

There is the benevolent form of political correctness, what might be considered "politeness" in other contexts. That form of political correctness doesn't bother me very much. On the other hand, the more pernicious form of political correctness attempts to alter behavior and thought through threats of harassment or legal sanction. This form, it seems, is now paying off its dividends, and the results are not that good.

When individuals are questioned about how they are managing a state sponsored enterprise, call it Tommie-Mac, those who ask the questions are accused of racial bias. When some question whether a certain candidate for political office is of sufficient experience or has adequate judgement, those who ask the question are accused of racial bias. When some wonder if it is a wise decision to make loans to individuals with a lower probability of successfully servicing the debt, those individuals are accused of racial bias.

Now comes this story from KFYI:
The problem began years ago when banks were forced to give mortgages without confirming social security numbers or borrower identification. As a result, illegal immigrants were able to obtain home mortgages which they could not afford.

One illegal alien was arrested this year in Tucson after allegedly using a stolen social security number to buy two homes and rack up over $780,000 in bad debt.
If an individual comes into the country without informing the government, is it likely that the individual has a high probability of exiting the country without informing the government? Perhaps informing the government is not a high priority issue for some, but it would seem to me that those who are making loans would want to have some ability to track down the borrower in the event that the borrower skips town. Alas, "forcing" firms to give mortgages without confirming borrower identification seems like the malevolent form of political correctness.

Some banks might have asked for a SS card to discriminate against particular groups, but how unreasonable is it to have some confirmatory information about someone who is borrowing hundreds of thousands of dollars? Evidently for some, it was simply too much.

Now we all get to enjoy the spoils of such crazy policies (not just the one referred to above but many others as well).

Gee, thanks.


Some rational behaviors are often incorrectly labeled "racist." Perhaps the only way to divorce these behaviors with the stigma associated with real racism is to continue to engage in them unapologetically. Furthermore, we should point out that a stigma, which punishes individuals for criticizing the individuals of some races/genders and not others is inherently racist/sexist. If someone says that I cannot criticize Sarah Palin's qualifications because she's a woman, that person is making the sexist assumption that a woman's qualifications should not be evaluated at the same standard as a man's.

Policies like the one described above along with affirmative action, equal pay legislation, and others are based on similarly racist/sexist assumptions.
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