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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Confusing Headlines

From today's UB Daily:

U.S. and U.K. Universities 'Dominant' (BBC)

Universities in the USA and the UK continue to dominate an annual table ranking the world's top higher education institutions. More...

Wall Street Meltdown Imperils State Technical Colleges (Charleston Daily Mail)

The bond market has cast doubt over $80 million in construction projects at eight of the 10 South Carolina community and technical colleges. More...

In Largest Gift, Harvard Gets $125m for Biological Institute (Boston Globe )

Harvard University received the largest individual gift in its history, a $125 million donation from entrepreneur Hansjörg Wyss. More...

Cows May Hold Key to Unleashing Plant Energy (The Detroit News)

A Michigan State University professor has implanted cow genes into corn to replicate the process by which cows break down high cellulose matter. The technique may revolutionize the production of biofuels. More...

Proposal to Standardize Texas High School GPAs Stirs Controversy (The Dallas Morning News)

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board will consider a new regulation to help Texas colleges and universities better assess the academic records of high school students. More...

Educators Urged to Support In-State Tuition for Undocumented Students (The Morning News)

An Arkansas state senator wants higher education officials to get behind a push to approve in-state college tuition rates for undocumented students who graduate from Arkansas high schools. More...

Area Schools Launch New Diversity Initiatives (Dayton Business Journal)

Local colleges and universities are increasing efforts to create a more diverse campus community. More...

Enrollment Boom Continues at Washington Universities (Seattle Post Intelligencer)

Students continue to stream onto the campuses of Washington's public four-year universities as the enrollment boom of the past few years shows no sign of ending. More...

State Budget Cuts Hit Tennessee Colleges (INO.com)

Tennessee is turning to its public colleges and universities, and its health care programs for the poor, to absorb a new round of budget cuts worth more than $106 million. More...

Supporters of Higher Education Look to Voters for 6-Mill Levy (Great Falls Tribune)

Supporters of higher education are hoping voters in Montana will once again give the Legislature authority to impose a 6-mill levy every year for the next 10 years to provide funding for the Montana University System. More...

Increased College Enrollment Creates Challenge for Adminstrators (KCPW)

An influx of almost 12,000 new students into Utah's colleges and universities is creating budget challenges for administrators. More...

Region's Colleges Feel Credit Crisis's Sting, But Look Forward (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

Colleges are wincing with every bit of financial news these days, but they are not as hard-hit by the credit crunch as many fear, leaders say. More...

Grant Will Help Make Education Accessible (Press-Citizen)

The University of Iowa will design technological adaptations so students with disabilities can access web sites, digital text and other tools in pursuit of a college education. More...

What do we take from these headlines? The U.S. has the best colleges in the world, however the credit crisis is reducing the ability for states to borrow to build new colleges, while the richest universities get even richer, and poor Southern states are asked to provide undocumented immigrants the same tuition as in-state citizens. Other states have less money to service increasing enrollments which are occurring even as tuition rates are supposedly reaching untenable levels.


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