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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Blogger goes to Athens - Dawgs lose to Bama

Last Saturday I took my good friend Dane P. to the Bama-Georgia game for his 40th birthday. My brother found a ticket and joined us, although we didn't get to sit together unfortunately. The end result was an old-fashioned butt-whooping on the part of Bama. Although we made a game of it, the result was determined by the end of the first quarter.

In the SEC, if you don't respond to the other team scoring, you will lose. Period, end of paragraph. With the new clock rules, there is no longer enough possessions in a game for a team to make a two or three score comeback. When that happens from now on, it will be a sight to see because even two first downs can run off 5-6 minutes of clock under the new rules.

I always enjoy Athens for a game, although the Black Out and the mass of humanity that was at the game and at the tailgate made it a little less enjoyable.

Christian D., Craig D., Dane P. before the game.

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