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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Baylor decides money can't buy fame?

Earlier this week I had pointed to a story wherein it was reported that Baylor University was going to pay students for gaining 50 points on their SAT score. Commenter Paul R. had some good points concernig the bizarre incentives such a scheme institutes.

Now, it turns out that the good folks at Baylor have decided that buying their way to higher SAT scores wasn't such a good idea after all:
Baylor University, facing sharp criticism for paying already-admitted students to retake the SAT and try to boost their scores, said Thursday it "goofed" and would probably end the practice.

The school in Waco, Texas, offered enrolling students a $300 bookstore credit for retaking the college entrance test and $1,000 if their scores rose 50 points or more. The carrot prompted a wave of criticism, on campus and nationally, as an unethical bid to boost the school's rankings.

More from the Dallas Morning News

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