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Monday, September 15, 2008

Blogger visits University of South Carolina for a UGA Victory

Colleague Ted A. had two extra tickets to last weekend's UGA-USC game in Columbia and invited Richard B. and I to tag along. We had a wonderful time, especially since UGA pulled out a victory in the end (14-7).

Craig D., Richard B. and Ted. A. during the first half

Pre-game festivities

Final score - good guys win.

I predicted on Saturday night that UGA would fall to #3 given that USC thumped Ohio State and Oklahoma thumped Washington. Sure enough, we were penalized for a "less than quality win."

I wonder who should be more insulted, UGA or South Carolina. The pollsters basically said to Carolina, "UGA came into your backyard, won a border war - in the SEC no less - and we don't qualify that as a quality win." I would think Steve Spurier and the Gamecock Nation would take exception and might have something to say about that.

I wonder about the other coaches in the SEC.

If we roll into Tempe and beat a ranked/nearly ranked Arizona State, do we get some love then?

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- Blogger visits University of South Carolina for a UGA Victory



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