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Sunday, August 03, 2008

It's about time

As a Georgia graduate two times over, I have been following the Dawgs since I first reached Athens in the fall of 1987. Strangely enough, before attending UGA I wasn't a huge college football fan as I was busy with soccer and Scouts on most Saturdays in the fall.

While I appreciate the history of UGA football and have been lucky enough to experience several very good years and key victories, nothing quite stacks up to being a pre-season #1 team. We have been very good since hiring Richt, which goes without saying. I just hope that after the dust settles, the Dawgs can somehow have only one loss (or none!!) with a chance to play in the national title game.

I don't really think we will go undefeated. Why? Here's the schedule, with my pre-season predictions:

8/30 Georgia Southern Win
9/06 Central Michigan Win
9/13 @ South Carolina Win (barely - perhaps overtime?)
9/20 @ Arizona State Win
9/27 Alabama Win
10/11 Tennessee Win (barely)
10/18 Vanderbilt Win
10/25 @ LSU Win
11/01 Florida Lose?
11/08 @ Kentucky Win
11/15 @ Auburn Win (barely, home team won last year)
11/29 Georgia Tech Win (steamroll)

We could face Auburn (or Alabama or LSU?) in the SEC Championship game assuming Florida can lose two games this year. That's a big, big IF.

I want to believe the Dawgs can sweep the SEC East and perhaps lose to LSU or Auburn and still survive for the SEC and national championship games, but our schedule is so brutal that it is hard to hold the faith for very long.

Good news is that I have saved my nickles and if we are playing in the national championship game, then I will be there.

Hopefully at the end of the season us DAWG fans will see something akin to this picture from USA-Today:

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