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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Cycling update

This week we were in Chattanooga visiting family and I had three chances to cycle around the Chickamauga National Battlefield. Having growing up in the area, I spent much time there learning about the battle, maintaining monuments and so forth. However, I had never biked through the park in the immediate post-dawn period. I saw no ghosts, but with the 145 year anniversary of the battle upcoming, it was definitely a sobering experience. To ride and think about what was going through the minds of men on both sides of the conflict as they squared up to fight one of the most decisive battles of the U.S. Civil War was an interesting experience.

Here were my stats:

Thursday: 20.08 miles, 01:33:02, 12.9mph, 64rpm, 127 bpm
Friday: 17.49 miles, 01:09:10, 15.2mph, 69rpm, 149 bmp (lots of hills)
Saturday: 18.12 miles, 01:19:24, 13.7mph, 65rpm, (forgot to put on my heart monitor) plus a run up the 165 step Wilder Tower.


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