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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Blogger enters time trial - loses to self

Last night my brother, Richard B. and John T. participated in the 10 mile time trial held at Lowes Motor Speedway. I am still riding with platform pedals (which is going to change as soon as I get a pair of cycling shoes) therefore I was confident that I would be the slowest in our group, and probably one of the slowest amongst the 275+ people who participated.

I impressed myself. I was shooting for finishing in less than 40 minutes, and it became apparent within the second lap (each lap around LMS is 1.5 miles) that I was going to accomplish the 40 minutes with no problem. In the end, I tried to beat 33 minutes but failed to do so because of my noob confusion as to exactly where the finish line was.

Final time: 33 minutes, 8 seconds for an average of 18.11 miles per hour. That sounds somewhat impressive to me, and while I had fun and will try to do the TT again after I get clipless pedals, here are some stark realities:

I was the slowest of all male riders in the 35-39 year bracket - by almost three miles per hour.

I was slower than every male rider in the 65-69 age bracket.

I was slower than every male rider in the 70-74 age bracket.

I was slower than every male rider in the 80-84 age bracket.

I was faster than only five other riders of regular bikes.

Only among the handcyclists did I perform better, although one handcyclist was faster than me.

Full results here and here

I am not demoralized but rather am excited about going out in September to see if I can go a little faster than 18 mph.


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