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Sunday, July 20, 2008

My first solo and my first 20+ mile ride

A couple of weeks ago I bought a road bike after riding my Motobecane mountain bike for a year. I have been out with a good friend here in Concord twice (14 and 16 miles) and with my brother in Savannah twice this past week (15 and 14 miles). All said and done I have a whopping 59 miles on the bike.

However, the longest journey starts with a single step, as someone said. I have three goals in the next 12 months. First, to improve my time by at least 10% at the time trials at Lowes Motor Speedway this summer and next spring. Second, to be able to regularly do twenty to thirty miles a day in anticipation of a trip to Germany next year. Three, be able to climb hills sufficiently well so that I can make a legitimate attempt at climbing Alpe d'Huez next summer.

I am a long way from that.

Nevertheless, today I took my first solo ride. It was also the first time I topped 20 miles. My bike computer is a bit off because I haven't yet changed the wheel size on which it is calculating speed and distance byt it register 20.20 miles in 1 hour 29 minutes (13.62 mph average speed - this is one area that needs to be improved). The time is a little longer than it could have been as I stopped and looked at a Ford pickup truck for sale on the side of the road.

Here's the route from Map My Ride:


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I highly suggest that you try the Bike New York Five Boro Bike Tour next year. It is a flat 42-mile ride, made very easy with lots of rest stops available.

It is quite impressive to see 30,000 bicyclists packed shoulder-to-shoulder as far as you can see up and down a Manhattan avenue. You will also visit parts of New York City that, well, you might not typically bike through if you were alone.

Plus you get to bike over the Verrazano Narrows bridge...
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