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Sunday, July 27, 2008

My first 61.5 mile weekend

Coming off the 40 miles I did at the 24 Hours of Booty on Friday night/Saturday morning I took Saturday off with some aspiration of getting up early this morning for a ride. Sunday rides up here in Concord are nice because traffic, which is light on most days, is that much lighter. However, I didn't wake up until 9 or so, thus a morning ride was out (besides, it was nice to watch the end of Le Tour).

This evening Richard B. and I took off for what I anticipated would be a 10 mile run, just enough to get the legs a slight workout and to not take too much time off.

The 10 mile run turned into 21.5 miles in 1:28:59!!

The long draws were a bit longer today, at times my speed dropped below 7mph, but I did hit a max speed of 38.5mph on one downhill run.

Overall, from Friday at 7:00pm through Sunday at 8:20pm I clocked 61.5 miles. Including my 20 mile ride last Sunday and a six mile route on Thursday, I clocked 90 miles for the week.

Now the bike goes in the shop for its 120 mile tune up and some tweaking in preparation for some touring in the Chattanooga area this next week. After that we move to the next big step - clipless pedals.


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