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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Some pictures from around Yankee Stadium

Last week I snuck up to the Philadelphia area to visit family and friends. I dragged my brother with me and we visited new Citizen's Bank Park in Philadelphia to watch Boston beat the Phillies, I then drove into Manhattan on Wednesday where we ate at Pete's Tavern, ostensibly the oldest continually operating bar in New York City. On Thursday we headed to the Bronx and saw the Yankees beat the Padres in a pitcher's duel.

Yankee stadium is a hunk of junk but it is old and has character. Unfortunately, the area around the stadium is a grabage pit with a couple of bars and maybe three restaurants. New Yankee Stadium is being built right next door to the old stadium, so I suppose there is some hope for a mini-Rennaisance in that part of the city (but I wouldn't hold my breath).

Here are a few pics from our visit to Yankee Stadium:

Craig and Bob in Tier 10 seating

Craig, Christian and Bob after the game at the Yankee Tavern (c. 1923 or 1928 depending on which sign you believe)

The Yankees will sell you a 24 oz. beer and are sure to tell you how many calories you are taking in (312 in the case of a 24oz Fosters)

A picture taken in the loo at the one pizzaria outside the stadium. About 30 minutes after the game the stadium was essentially shut down and everybody was on the train getting the heck out of Dodge. Not a lot of economic activity being generated by the Yankees games.

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