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Saturday, June 14, 2008

New Wiki: What I Paid

Over at wetpaint.com, I have created a public wiki I call "What I Paid." Here's a direct link and here's what I put on the front page:

This wiki is intended to provide information on retail and wholesale prices paid by people around the United States. In many cases, shoppers consider the price on the product's tag as a no-haggle price and in many cases their opinion is correct. However, in many cases price is negotiated between the buyer and seller, but buyers are often at a disadvantage in this negotiation because of limited information. The seller knows their cost and also knows much more about what other customers have paid because the seller sells more than one unit. On the other hand, most buyers buy only one unit and have litte information about what others paid for a similar product.

To the extent that individuals are honest about what they paid for their goods, this wiki can provide valuable information to potential and actual consumers.

I posted the information concerning our 2006 purchase of a Honda CR-V. The information is obviously dated, but is intended to set an exmample for others.

We'll see if people are willing to share information on negotiated prices, even if they can share that information anonymously.

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