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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

An interesting first

Modern U.S. society continues to point out the "First _____" especially when the "_____" is a minority or traditionally underrepresented group. I am of two minds when it comes to this type of announcement. On the one hand, I am sure for the "____" group it is an important milestone and deserves to be mentioned and applauded. On the other hand, it sometimes feels like the majority are trying to pat themselves on the back with the "Gee, aren't we swell" type of approach. If these announcements are of the former type, I am all for them. If they are of the latter type, they would seem to demean the accomplishment and they should go away.

Today's Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports an interesting first, one that should be lauded but might not get as much press as other types of "firsts." I think this blurb will let you know why:
Joshua Packwood took the road less traveled when he chose Morehouse College four years ago.

And Sunday morning he made history, becoming the historically black, all-male college's first white valedictorian.

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