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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Beer and circuses vs. academics?

I am unapologetic in my support for college football and the experience one receives by being able to participate in a great American tradition. That said, I am also an academic who also believes that football is clearly a secondary mission of the university qua institution of higher learning.

Thus, two recent headlines seem a bit conflicting:

1. University of Florida to Get $28-Million Football Facility

2. Budget cuts may cost UF summer classes

It is true that the athletic budget at UF is mostly mutually exclusive from the academic budget. The UF sports foundation doesn't raid the general fund of the university to build new football facilities. However, what does it say when the state legislature slashes the budget at its flagship university by more than 10% while the football program is liquid enough to fund 8 digit expansions?

Is there a substitution between sports and academics at UF?

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