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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Looking for some help

I have a nice Motobocane hybrid that I purchased off my brother which I ride around our neighborhood. However, I don't get home after work until after it's dark and I am considering buying a ride-about bike for campus.

Basically, I would plan to ride on the relatively smooth bike trails around the UNC-Charlotte campus. I don't think I need/should spend a lot of money for a secondary bike and saw the 26" Roadmaster Sport SX Mountainbike made by Pacific Cycle clocking in for around $65.

Here's a pic:

Here are the specs.

I have only seen a few reviews of this bike and most are favorable given that you are spending less than $100 for a bike. I know I can spend anywhere from $400 to $2000 on a bike but if I had to buy four of these suckers over the next five hundred miles of riding, I would still seem to be ahead.

My question is, beyond the principle that no-one should spend less than $100 for a bike, is there any compelling reason that I SHOULD NOT buy this cycle?

Being an ex-mountian biker and having started on a cheaper quality bike such as the roadmaster brand, I would consider buying something more...lasting. From personal experience, cheaper bikes need alot of work. First you would have to purchase a bike tool kit because about once a month you will have to realign the spokes. Furthermore, Shifters on bikes like these tend to break within the first year and you will be without essential gears when going up hills (this also leads to the chain poping off). I would recommend a front suspension haro or a diamondback with shamino shifters (disk-brakes optional). I say front suspesion because rear suspension causes you to loose traction up hills and decreases braking power on desents.
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