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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Take that String Theory!!

From A. Garret Lisi, a paper titled "An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything":

All fields of the standard model and gravity are unified as an E8 principal bundle connection. A non-compact real form of the E8 Lie algebra has G2 and F4 subalgebras which break down to strong su(3), electroweak su(2) x u(1), gravitational so(3,1), the frame-Higgs, and three generations of fermions related by triality. The interactions and dynamics of these 1-form and Grassmann valued parts of an E8 superconnection are described by the curvature and action over a four dimensional base manifold.

Well if it's that simple, no wonder we haven't understood the universe - folks have been looking under the wrong rocks all this time.

The Telegraph Article which tries to explain things a little better.

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