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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

How about this?

From the Indianapolis Star:
The dress code policy...bans hats, shorts, spandex, scuffed shoes, unpressed clothing, facial piercings, visible tattoos, "cross-gender garb" and the use of coloring agents "outside the spectrum of natural hair coloration."

Is this a policy of your local public school system?

Nope - the dress code for professors at Tri-State University in Angola, Ind.

The policy is "under review."

If a school wants to do away with distracting attire on the part of the professors, they might want to look at the University of the South where professors wear robes;

Faculty members and many honors students don black academic gowns while on campus, a tradition they say makes the mountaintop college, informally called Sewanee, distinctive.

More here

My stepson went to Tri-State. While it's not affiliated with any religious groups, it is a highly conservative place. So the idea that it might have a faculty/staff dress code comes as no surprise to me. Weird, perhaps, and silly, but not surprising.
PS--The policy does no apply to students. For a while, while my stepson was there, he had green hair.
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