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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Do we ever hold politicians to what they said in the past?

Politics is funny business and lately it has been absolutely Orwellian. How about this speech by a young Al Gore gunning to be vice president?

Oh man.

I’m biased on this issue. However, I don’t see a contradiction between what Gore said on YouTube and what Gore is saying now. In that clip, he is arguing that we should not aid Iraq or Sadaam Hussein. That doesn’t mean that he would have agreed with an invasion of Iraq. Rather, I think the advocacy was that we should employ sanctions on Iraq or at least not offer loans to Iraq. Also, Gore claims that Sadaam Hussein had been actively seeking nuclear weapons, not that he had obtained them. Additionally, while Gore claimed Sadaam was linked to terrorism (and of course he was), he did not say anything about links to Al Queda.

So, yes the general advocacy has changed because the current issues have changed, but Gore’s representations of the facts (in this one situation) have remained consistent in my opinion.
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