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Monday, September 03, 2007

My take after Week 1 of college football

Of course it is a HUGE deal that Appalachian State beat the University of Michigan. It has to be one of the most unexpected upsets in the history of the game. There have probably been bigger point-spread underdogs to have won a game, and I know Maine beat Mississippi State a few years back, but come on...we need to put the fans of the Blue and Maize on suicide watch. My prediction: UM coach is gone even if he wins out the rest of the season.

For those who are wondering, Appy State enjoys attendance around 20,500 per game in Boone (See Page 2 of this NCAA report), which would put them somewhere in the range of Division IA or FBS team Cincinnati (Big East) or Northern Illinois (MAAC). Look for Appy State to make the move to the FBS (old Division IA) in the Sunbelt Conference, joining Western Kentucky as the latest teams east of the Mississippi River to join that group of teams.

Georgia looked very good against Oklahoma State. I personally handed out some cold drinks and had a chin wag with a few visiting Cowboys, notwithstanding their wearing orange. they were very friendly and might have convinced me to try to make the trip to Stillwater in a couple of years. As for the action within the stadium, I never felt that UGA was not in control of the game, especially after scoring on the first play from scrimmage. I do wonder why Stafford was in the game so late.

Near our seats in the Southeast endzone, this fellow seemed a few longitudes away from home as he was wearing all Oklahaoma Sooner gear - shorts, shirt, visor, and probably socks (although I didn't see):

I have some advice for this guy: don't try this in Knoxville.

Here's a pic of my buddy Dane and I. This game marked 20 years of strong friendship and UGA football, how cool is that?

Here's a Quick Time video off my cell-phone which gives a small indication of how loud it is in our seats (South east end zone).

Other thumbs-up and down

Thumbs up
Georgia Tech beats Notre Dame
Cal beats Tennessee
SEC is strong in out-of-conference games (lost only one?)
ACC is not so strong in out-of-conference games

Thumbs Down
So Cal still doesn't play anyone
UT-Arlington still doesn't have a football team
UT-Austin didn't lose to Arkansas State

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